These Photos Show What It’s Really Like To Live In Russia

1. Women in Uniform

Even though the man representing the country, that is Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, is a man but otherwise, the number of men in Russia is less as compared to women. It may not seem significant, but the women have outnumbered men in this country with a difference of 10.5 million, which means 10 million more women than men. That is the reason why we see so many women in the army as well.

Women in Uniform in Russia

2. Police in Style

In Russia, the expectation from women is different as compared to what they are around the globe. In this country, more women are expected to join forces like the police or army, don’t be fooled when we say talk about women being in this profession because in Russia the women in the forces are as much in fashion as any other women. The policewomen’s on-duty attire is a fitted dress and a baton in hand for self-defense and as you can see it is enough to make pedestrians walking by feeling safe.

russian policewomen

3. The Energy Drink Shower

You saw the smart women of Russia, now witness this silly young woman who is covering herself with an energy drink called the Jaguar. She is probably using it as a body shower gel before jumping into the lake behind her to take a wash. Or this could be some ritual women do there, like wash their bodies with energy drinks to get more power and energy in real life otherwise, there isn’t any explanation for something so bizarre.

russian woman pouring energy drink on herself

4. Love Off the Tracks

Being in love at a young age comes with its charm, one loses all their senses and does the silliest things which they regret years later when they grow up. First loves also usually end up in a disappointment leaving the heartbroken, so it’s important to not put your life on the line for an affair which isn’t going to last. In this couple’s case, our advice should be taken in its literal meanings as you can see them two laying on the railway line.

couple laying on the train tracks

5. Powerful Russian Women

We did know that the Russain women are strong and tough, but we never knew this much that they could lift a truck, that even just one woman all by herself in an icy condition. We are not sure if this is edited or for real, but whichever the case this picture does portray some next level women empowerment.

russian woman lifting a truck

6. The Woman with Muscle

You’ll see a lot of women around Russia with great muscles, and a ripped physique, whats amazing is that even after building all that muscle they maintain their pristine, good looks. This woman in the picture below looks so good that it’s hard to believe if she is for real if she didn’t have those nerves showing we could have mistaken her for a mannequin. The Russian women don’t eat lean meat and healthy vegetables to stay this way, but they do intense workouts, that is the reason why they can pull trucks or fight a beast.

russian woman with ripped figure

7. Cooking Battle

It looks like cooking for Russian women isn’t just cooking, but it is more like a sport or a battle. Here these two women don’t appear to be cooking but rather having a fight with each other where their weapons are pots and pans. Next time if a Russian asks you to help them in the kitchen, beware to hold a utensil in your hand at all time as they might attack any moment.

Russain women fighting with pans

8. Soap Dispenser

You either wash your hands with a liquid hand wash or use soap, but in Russia, we dont know how things work in the public washrooms, as you can see soap has been placed inside a liquid wash dispenser. Though according to research washing your hands with soap carries so many more germs that it’s better you wash them with water so in that case it’s better to use nothing than to use soap in a public toilet.

soap in liquid dispenser in russia

9. Shocking Pool Party

Most places in Russia experience a cold temperature around the year, but that does not mean Russians can’t have their fun of having a wild pool party. These people seem to be having some really good time, they have got a pool with beers and food placed in the center along with the arrangement of music made using some wires and shoes placed inside the pool. We don’t know how long this party lasted until everyone in the water got electrocuted because of the shock.

pool party with electric wires in water

10. Bear Riding Horses

What you might have heard about England is famous for its traditional horseback riding races, where a human jockey sits on the back of the horse and rides apparently, in Russia things are a slightly different than that. In this country, the horseback riding tradition exists, but instead of a human, they have got bears sitting on the horseback. Yes, that’s true as you can see in the picture below. We still wonder though how the bears climb on top of the horses and why haven’t the animal rights activists done anything about this yet?.

Bear Riding Horsebacks in russia

11. King of Multitasking

We have all been in situations where we try to do two things at once to save up some time, and mostly the result is disappointing. This guy must be having some major time management issues and must be struggling with finding the time to both get ready for work and get other stuff around the house done, so to make his life easy he came up with this solution of taking a bath while driving to work. We guess only Russia is the country where we can witness such a thing. But we believe what he is doing is illegal, and that is why he is being pulled over.

12. The Scary Slide

Playgrounds are a place where parents sit back and relax while their children run around having fun with other kids, but in this case, it’s slightly different. Whichever parent goes to this park sure needs to keep a strict eye at their kids to make sure they don’t go up on this slide which lands you at the bottom of the dark pit. We have no clue why this local park is even open, guess that’s just Russia’s way of making their children tough from a very young age.

scary slide at park in russia

13. Trashy Sunbathing

We have seen people sunbathing everywhere but on a pile of trash, but this woman has now changed that for us. It looks like the people of Russia do a lot more with their waste, for example, they sunbathe on it. Although this country does not get to see a lot of sun for such kind of activity, when the day comes beautiful women like this one make it go waste this way.

woman laying on trash

14. Desperate Traveler

The Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia is known to be the longest railway of all time; it is an extremely useful and easy form of transport for anyone who wants to get from one part to another of this large country. Some people though can’t even afford the train’s ticket and instead either drive themselves or carpool with others. This woman is so desperate for a trip that she is ready to sitting in the trunk as there is no space in front.

woman sitting in car trunk

15. Alcohol Lovers

If you didn’t know this before, you should know it now that the Russians love alcoholic beverages especially vodka. The drinking problem is increasing with time and has a high effect on death rates in the country. According to the latest national statistics, over 23,000 people die every year from alcohol poisoning. The government has many times tried to implement the prohibition on this life taking tradition but it never really works.

russian women with huge vodka bottle

16. The Land of Beauties

Seeing the number of beautiful women in Russia, it’s not a surprise that this country has one of the biggest beauty pageants in the world. The ‘Miss Russia’ pageant began in 1992 and to this date is known for discovering the most beautiful faces, the women who make it to the competition then move further to compete for Miss World and even Miss Universe. You’ll be surprised to know that some of Russia’s most notable beauty pageant winners are former police officers, engineers, and even economists.

miss russia

17. Smile for the Picture

Most people fear law enforcers as they have the authority to put one behind bars for breaking minor rules. These girls though do not seem to be afraid of the police and have that’s why borrowed their headgear to pose for a picture. If in real life police officers were that good looking and happy, no one would be afraid of them. We wouldn’t mind getting pulled over by someone who looks like that, would you?

Russian girls taking pictures in police hat

18. The Shovel Guitar

This guitar was made by a young Russian high school student who couldn’t afford to buy a guitar, so instead, he made one in his shop class. Although we don’t know how well it works it sure looks impressive. This is probably how the first ever guitar looked like before the musician finally understood what materials are the best to create the best music.

guitar made from shovel

19. The Subway McDonald’s

Did you know that few subways in Russia have their own McDonald’s drive-thru window? That may sound crazy to many, but the logic behind this is to keep the drivers in good health. It is important for drivers to get a good sleep and feed themselves well so they can drive without putting anyone’s life at risk. So if you are hungry on the sub, stop and grab a meal on the way.

McDonald’s in subway in russia

20. For the Love of Leaven Dough

Russians love sour bread made from leaven dough; they use beer or kvas base, yeast or a part of old dough as leaven that gives a particularly sour taste. This is the reason why this bread is found everywhere around the country. The pigeons in Russia also seem to be fond of the bread, that is why this bird has eaten half of the bread and worn the remaining as an accessory around her neck.

pigeon wearing Leaven Dough

21. The Boat House

The man in the picture was either a fisherman or a captain of a boat, and after retiring, he could not say goodbye to his precious boat, so he made it a part of his home. Although the idea is beyond crazy and could lead to damage, as they say, ‘once a captain, always a captain,’ so nothing could be done here.

old russain man with boat house

22. Porch Issues

A porch is a place at the entrance of a home, where one can sit back and relax during the pleasant days or sit there and watch children play on the street. Well, that’s at least how and what most porches are for, but this one in a house in Russia seems quite different from the usual. As you can see there is no door for entrance on the building’s porch, all that you see is a window, and we are sure that’s not for going inside.

porch with no entrance

23. Grown-ups Haloween

When you are a kid Haloween is all about getting dressed up as your favorite film or TV character and going door to door collecting candies and yelling “trick or treat,” but once you grow up the holiday doesn’t remain so innocent anymore. While boys still dress up as something foolish, women look for costumes which would emphasize their curves and make them look appealing. This group of young Russian girls is doing the same thing, they are all dressed up as cleaners wearing heels, and they have been quite creative with the reflective safety vests.

russian girls dressed up fro halloween

24. Irresponsible Driving

Public transportation is considered to be the safest form of transport, as the drivers are under a lot of pressure from the officials to drive safely. When you are taking public transport, you are placing your life in the hands of a driver you do not know. These drivers have the responsibility for the lives of hundreds of people at one time. Sadly this driver in Russia did not perform his duty so well and hit the train real bad because of fast driving.

train accident in russia

25. Slipper Funnel

As we said earlier that Russian are obsessed with alcohol, this woman here who looks a lot like the famous singer David Bowie is pouring a drink into her friend’s mouth by using a slipper as a funnel. They both must have had a lot of booze already because a person in their senses would never do such a thing. It looks they both are having a good time, but it would have been better if they drank directly from the bottle.

russian women drinking alcohol using shoes as funnel

26. Several Story Slide

Russians are said to be serious people if you ask someone to describe to them the word fun would not be on that description. But this picture contradicts that stereotyping; this is a building of a Kindergarten in Russia where they have installed a slide to get from the top to the bottom of a multiple story building. Now if this isn’t fun, then what is

Several Story Slide at a kindergarten in russia

27. The Ski Couple

Weddings are an occasion where families unite to celebrate love and happiness together, while the couple takes vows of being together and spending their lives sharing everything among themselves. This couple though at their wedding just did not want to to know about their love but also their favorite athletic activity that is skiing. They both wore the traditional bridal gown and groom suit along with ski equipment with matching scarves, gloves, and beanies.

bride and groom wearing ski equipment

28. Carrot Lover

When someone says gifting a carat to a woman, the first thing that comes to our minds would be a ring or gold because that’s what every woman loves. But this Russian woman is not like others, the only carat she loves is the vegetable carrot. That is why her boyfriend gave her a surprise with a bathtub full of carrots for her to eat, lucky for him these carrots only cost few bucks.

woman taking bath in carrots

29. Boot that Tank

It looks like the traffic police in Russia does not change their rules for anyone. This tank parked wrongly on the road taking up most of the space on the sidewalk, so as a result, someone placed a boot on the tank. Little did they know that a boot of that size or nay would not be able to hold down the tank and it can easily run over it. Still, the message was sent through that no one gets to park wrong in Russia.

tank with a boot because of wrong parking in russia

30. The Laundry Dog House

Now, this is some great example of recycling. These people wanted to build a dog house for their pet husky, and they had an old laundry machine laying in the garage. Instead of spending money they just made use of the old machine and created a dog house with it. Although it doesn’t look cute or beautiful, it still works, and that’s more than enough for this Russian family.

dog house made from washing machine

31. What an Upgrade

It looks like the owners of this GAZ Volga got bored of their old beat up car and decided to spice things up a little bit. For that, they changed all the wheels of their car with the 4X4 jeep wheels, giving it an entirely new look. We guess in Russia if you can’t afford to buy a new vehicle you can alter your old one any way you want.

GAz volga car with 4X4 jeep wheels

32. Fishy Necklace

This picture is a clear example that giving out sea creatures as a present is a custom in Russia. This long-necked skinny girl in the picture got this fish necklace as a present from her boyfriend while they were out on a date in the jungle. While most girls prefer real jewelry, this girl seems quite happy about the fishy present she has received.

fish necklace

33. Man on Bonfire

If you know anything about Russia, then you would know the weather of this country is cold most of the year. Its cold all around the year and in winters the temperature can fall to about -13F. Especially Moscow the country’s capital gets colder every day starting from September and during the peak of winter temperatures is beyond freezing. The Russians have grown used to of the weather and prevent themselves by mostly wearing fur as it’s warm, but this one guy adapted new ways when the cold got more than he could handle he sat on the bonfire to feel the heat from within.

man on fire by sitting on bonfire

34. The Brick Car

Car robbery is very common in some cities of Russia if it wasn’t for insurance people there would not have even gotten cars because no one wants to leave their car parked and come back to see it’s missing. This car’s owner though does not seem to have insurance, so to prevent it from stealing he has placed bricks inside the car. The idea may seem bizarre to many but if that saves the car from getting stolen then why not?

car in russia filled with bricks

35. Tough Punishments

It looks like the education system in Russia does not stand any bad behavior from the students. When a student makes a mistake, the teacher punishes them by making them stand against the wall with their hands behind their backs. While you have detention, the kids in Russia have this, which seems better to you now?

teacher punishing students in class

36. The Balet Girl

Russia is known most in the world for their two things; one is the Kalashnikov rifle and second is the Ballet. Russians are said to have a physique that remarkably suits the esthetic requirements of the classical ballet principles and to make it even better they do unique and exquisite training to make themselves better at it. This girl in the picture is doing her daily stretches while attending school because that just how committed they are.

russian school girl doing ballet at school

37. The Sandal Lunch

This dish you see in the picture is a delicacy in Russia, the cuisine of this country mostly constitutes of meat or vegetables absorbed in sauces like mayonnaise and sour cream. The reason why it has been kept in the shape of a shoe made out of cheese is that sandals are the most favorite footwear of Russians.

cheesy sandal mayo dish

38. Cat Lovers

A survey shows that the number of cat owners in Russia is the highest compared to the entire world. More than half of the country owns cats. As history tells this also has a lot to do with their tradition and old cultural stories. The word train is not used in Russia for animals as they believe in letting the animal be what it wants to be.

russian owner cat

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