Perfectly Time Taken Photos

1. Rowing with a Dolphin

Dolphins are known to be friendly creatures, you rarely ever get to see them causing harm to humans, but when a dolphin jumps out of nowhere anyone can get frightened. A couple was rowing in the sea when suddenly they were met by a dolphin as large as their boat. If you wonder what their reaction was, then zoom on the woman’s face and you’ll know. Her expressions are like she is about to shit in her pants.

dolphin jumps while couple is rowing

2. Poop Alert

Whenever most people stand under a tree, they make sure there is no bird above, as it might poop right on their heads. This bird was caught on camera squirting it’s poop out at full speed, we just hope no one was standing under the tree this happened, otherwise they would have been covered in so much shit.

bird squirting poop

3. Cow in Two Shades

The first time you look at this picture below, it makes you think you are seeing a cow which is both brown, black and white. But before you think this is a result of some kind of mix breeding, let us stop you there. This is nothing but an illusion created by the photographer if you look closely and notice the number of legs you’ll know it’s not one cow but two. The head of the black and white cow is hidden behind the brown one, making it appear this way.

Cow in Two Shades

4. Man in Bikini

Do you see that man in the background wearing a bikini? Well, you may think that’s true because you can’t expect anything from people these days, but this is just an illusion. The lower bottom of the man is actually a woman who is bending down, the man happens to stand on the same eye level as her that is why the camera is making it look like he is the one wearing those panties.

Man in Bikini

5. Animal vs Machine

This picture is a result of some great photography. An ant is walking on top of an empty glass, and in the background, a helicopter is flying over. The photographer took advantage of the timings and made it look like an ant is having a fight with a machine. Well done to whoever took this picture.

ant vs machine

6. Cloud Cone

Clouds have the ability to form different shapes, in this picture they look like a scoop of vanilla. Then angle this picture has been taken from, it seems like they are sitting on a cone and the boy is about to have a bite. The kid in the picture is way too adorable and so is his ice cream.

Cloud Cone

7. Who is lifting who?

The first time you look at this picture, t it will take you some time to figure out who is carrying who, because it looks like both the women in the photo are getting lifted by the other. When you give it a closer look you’ll figure that the blonde woman in the middle who is the one who is getting lifted by the boy and the brunette girl. We figured this out by noticing the position of the hands of both the women.

who is lifting who

8. Eye of the Eagle

If you thought this is a picture of some genetically-mutated animal, then you got deceived like many of us. What you see in the picture looks like a man with a half face of an eagle, but its just a picture was well taken at the right time. It is actually a man standing behind an eagle but it appears that they both share an eye, a mouth, and a nose. It looks more amazing because both the man and the eagle share a similar color of hair.

man with eagle eye

9. Half-Human, Half Robot.

This woman who looks like a robot is actually a picture illusion. A woman was walking down the street and right when she was passing the nearest street-light someone took a picture, so the antennas you see on her head are actually lights. And that is how this photography illusion was created.

Half-Human, Half Robot.

10. Monochrome

The beauty of this picture lies in the work of the photographer. A torn hole in the fence was taken advantage of in creating such a masterpiece. Right when a boat came on that exact spot, the photographer clicked the image and made it more beautiful by adding the monochrome effect.


11. Tech Dog

No this isn’t a picture of a dog wearing a hoodie and playing a video-game, it would have been so hilarious if that was true though. This is a picture of a man using his cell-phone and another person sitting next to him with a dog. Because we cant see the face of the other person’s it looks like it is a dog with the body of a human who is playing a video-game with some remote. Some people also thought that there is only one person in the picture, who is a dog with its head coming out of a hoodie.

human body dog

12. Vulgar? No, not really

Some people might get offended by the picture believing its vulgar, but before you make your mind, have a closer look at it. What looks like a private part of a man hanging between his legs, it is really the arm of a player who is standing in the background at a distance. Becuase of the timing of the picture and the way this man in front is standing, it appears to be a vulgar image.

baseball player with his penis out

13. End of the Sea

This picture has to be one of the most beautiful ones on the list. Just look at this mesmerizing moment, isn’t this the most breath-taking view you have ever seen. How beautifully is the sun setting at the sea’s end between the pillars of this bridge we see in the picture. The photographer has made his name by capturing the calm waves, strong pillars, and multi-shaded sky.

beautiful picture of sun setting at sea end

14. Is that a dog driving?

Don’t fool yourself into thinking this car is being driven by a driver who is actually half dog, half human. Its a normal photo of a man driving a car which has been hilariously photobombed by a dog. The timing of the dog popping his head in the photo is what makes it perfect.

dog driving car

15. Ape Man

A kid was casually reading a magazine sitting on the couch, what he didn’t realize was that the picture on the back of the cover positions perfectly with his body posture, making it look like there is an ape-man sitting on the couch. Whoever took this picture must be a creative head to look at the whole scenario in this manner.

Next up at number 86 on our list is this hilarious click, where we see a man entertaining himself on the couch with a magazine. Nothing’s out of the ordinary in that, right? But when he places the magazine in front of his face to read it, he is probably not aware of what the back cover of the magazine does to his body. The face of the gorilla at the back of the magazine perfectly positions itself with the body of the man, creating the image of an ape-man.

16. The Giant Dog

This picture looks like a poster for a movie, doesn’t it? We see two people gazing towards the sky, and a giant dog popping his head right above them. What really happened was that some person was taking a picture of these two people when a dog photobombed it. Because the dog is very close to the camera, it makes him look huge and those two guys smaller, making this picture a scary movie shot.

The Giant Dog

17. Creativity at it’s best

Now, this is called being creative. The photographer was taking a picture of his friend when he realized the design of boggle eyes on his t-shirt is being evident in the sunglasses of his friend, so he clicked the picture in such a way that it looks like this fat fellow has his eyes were visible through his glasses.

creative eye boggling picture

18. Someones Hungry

In the background, there is a military chopper and two men are dropping off from it and in the foreground, there is a man with his mouth open in the exact same place, the proximity of the time and distance bring the whole picture to another level of awesomeness.

man eating military men

19. For Love

This picture is basically nature saying I love you. The clouds have shaped themselves in the form of a heart, and it appears like love is being sent down from heaven. What makes the picture more beautiful is the sun shining behind those clouds. Kudos to this amazing photographer.

love cloud

20. Looking for the right Hole

Angles can make things look hilarious, this picture is a perfect example of that. This woman was looking in the distant sky from a telescope, but the position of her telescope makes it appear like she is looking into the butt of a man standing in front of her. We are guessing she has got a thing for black holes, the science one of course.

woman looking into hole with telescope

21. Elongated Dog

When you first look at this picture you might think it’s an elongated dog. In reality, these are actually two dogs, but because the head of one dog in the back is hidden by the body of the dog standing in front, it is creating an illusion of one dog with a really long body.

Elongated Dog

22. To the Stars

This picture was taken at an amusement park and it’s just mesmerizing to look at. A jet which is passing right above the roller coaster trail leaves a smoke parallel to it making a surreal linear pattern. Whoever took this picture might have first been amazed to what he/she saw and then instantly thought to capture it on camera to memorize it forever.

rocket smoke above roller coaster

23. Big Foot Baby

You might think this is a picture of a creepy baby with giant feet, but in reality, it’s just a bab sitting on the lap of an adult who is lying down in a position which makes it appear like the feet are of the bay.  The angle the toddler has been photographed from creates an illusion of a Bigfoot baby.

 Big Foot Baby

24. Stealing a Kiss

This cute little boy made his picture even cuter by pretending that he is being kissed by a girl standing next to him. In reality, the girl was giving a kiss to someone else standing behind this cute kid, but the boy completely hid his face and created an illusion. He would have done it to impress kids of his age who would buy this picture to be true.

young boy stealing a kiss

25. Fashion these Days

You can expect any kind of fashion these days among both the genders, but this picture is not what it looks like. What you see is a man having the same naked legs and wearing the same sandals as the woman walking beside him, but the reality is quite different. There is actually a divider between these two people which has a mirror on it, so what you see is really a reflection of the woman’s legs.

man with woman legs

26. Giraffe’s Toy

From the picture, it looks like a giraffe is playing with a tiny toy by putting it in its mouth, but this is just an illusion created by the photographer. In reality, a plane was flying nearby and the giraffe was standing in front, the position of them both made him take a picture which looks like this. It’s all really about time and proximity.

giraffe eating plane

27. Dog Bubble

Dogs have a special place on our list as all the fun pictures are about them. A bubble was flying in the air and a dog was running nearby, the photographer clicked a picture bring the two together in one place. It appears that the dog is inside a bubble, whereas it’s just the game of foreground and background. The dog looks like its running, so we can imagine that taking a picture must have been hard.

dog in bubble

28. Blissful Tree

Good photography can make an ordinary tree look blissful if you don’t believe us then have a look at this picture first and then read how it happened. This is nothing magical, but it’s just the sun reflecting behind a tree in a manner which has created a breathtaking view. The way the rays are coming out from the tree, it feels like God is sending his blessings from right here.

Blissful Tree

What do you think?