Awkward Street Views Caught By Google Camera

1. Confused Girls

Deciding what to eat is one of the hardest decision one has to make, these three girls are caught in the same dilemma, they cant decide where to go and have food, its either the beach, McDonald’s or somewhere diet. We bet they must have flipped a coin after waiting too long to make a decision on their own. By their clothes, it looks like they were heading to the beach, but must have gotten hungry on the way.

Confused Girls

2. People Gone Nuts

There is so much happening in this picture that its hard to decide where we want to focus. There is a man lying on the floor looking unconscious, there is a girl in a pink dress taking a bow, there is one woman by the tree waving towards our direction and three more people in the background doing something. We are not sure when were these people caught on google but it looks like they are doing some sort of a play by the roadside.

people acting crazy

3. Two is Better than One

You all must have heard the phrase ‘Two heads are better than one,’ these workers here are proving that right. Instead of one man doing the job in more time, these two are working together to get the work done as soon as possible. Something fell down inside the manhole, and instead of waiting for the equipment to arrive one man went inside himself while the other held him from his legs so he doesn’t fall inside.

two workers working together

4. Picture Anywhere Anytime

You all know or must have come across one person who is always wanting to get pictures clicked of themselves. They are always dressed up for a selfie and would do anything for anyone who can click good pictures of them. This woman in the picture looks like one of those people, she and her friend are standing in a parking lot under the scorching sun taking pictures. We hope this poor guy got to go home early because most women don’t get satisfied until one has taken at least 50 pictures of them.

caught posing on road

5. The dog has got His Back

Dogs are said to be the most loyal animals, they are a man’s best friend because they are always looking after their owner. This picture shows the perfect relationship between a dog and owner. While the man tries to sneak inside a container on the road, his dog is watching out for him by staying alert. If someone would have tried to stop his owner we bet he would have even attacked that person.

dog looking out for man

6. Domestic Violence

This looks like a crime scene from a Hollywood movie, but it’s sad that it’s true. Google eye caught a man choking a woman with his bare hands. This is either some domestic violence case or just a robbery going real bad, whatever the case might be we just hope this woman got out safe.

domestic violence on street

7. Sad Picture

This image will only make you feel sad because what you see is quite disturbing. There is an old man sitting with his knees bent in the middle of a road and another young man is standing next to him with a rod in his hand. It looks like some kind of abuse is happening here, as the guy with red hair is hitting the old fellow with the rod So if you have a weak heart its better you skip this picture.

young fellow hitting old man

8. Living the Moment

Those who waste some precious times waiting for the right moment are the worst people in the world. To have fun it’s not the place that matters but its the company. This family in the picture was caught on camera having a great time, instead of waiting to go to a fancy beach with white sand, they had their picnic at a lake nearby. They made the most of their day by being in a mediocre place with people who matter the most. It looks like they all are having some great fun.

family having fun at lake

9. Mothers Know it All

If you are a parent or someone with a kid in the house, then you would know about the tantrums they are always throwing. This kid in the picture looks like he has just thrown a tantrum, but his mother doesn’t care because she knows when things will calm down her kid will get up himself. While the boy lays down on the corner of a road, his mom stands there like a thug not giving a damn.

little kid lying on road side

10. Clean Freak

Cleanliness is important and everyone should have a habit of living in a neat place and also keeping themselves clean, but there are some people who are freaks about cleaning, sometimes its because they suffer from OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder. This woman looks like one of those freaks, she is putting her life in risk just to clean the outside of the window. Now that’s some level of cleanliness.

clean freak woman

11. That Fall

There is always one person who laughs when someone falls down, and it’s not because they are happy someone got hurt but because of that’s just hilarious for them. This picture captures one moment like that, you can see few kids in school uniforms, and one poor girl who has fallen down on the road while her friend stands there laughing instead of giving her a hand. The girl who fell must have felt bad at that time about her friend laughing at her but later they both must have laughed again on the whole situation.

girl falls on road while friend laughs

12. When its High Time

All that we see in the picture below is an elderly man carrying a teenage girl on his shoulders walking towards a car. Now we don’t know what really is going on here, but we are guessing these two are daughter and father, the girl must have stayed out past her curfew so her father is now dragging her home by forcefully picking her and putting her in the car.

father putting daughter in car

13. Best Halloween Costume

This kid looks like he is disabled and is that is why sitting in an automatic wheelchair. But he looks quite creative as he has done a great job with the costume. He is dressed up as a skeleton sitting in a chair that moves. His parents must have been proud to see how instead of sitting at home feeling low their kid is out on the street celebrating Haloween like all other kids.

skeleton halloween costume

14. On the Wrong Street

We don’t know if Google caught people in between a shoot or all that we see is happening for real. A white man is being strangled by two black men in suits, while one girl in white watches them and another girl walks up the stairs in the background. The boy being strangled must have messed with the wrong girl and now she is taking her revenge.

man getting strangled

15. Speeding Kills

We all have heard the phrase ‘Speed thrills but kills,’ this man in the picture just proved it more right. A young boy on a bicycle was speeding on the main road, he got so fast that he couldn’t balance his cycle and fell straight on the road. The way he has fallen, we are sure he must have got a lot of injuries. This is a lesson for all those who over speed.

cycler crashed because of speeding

16. Keeping it all Under Control

When the police catch a criminal on the street in daylight, they make sure not to get too much attention while they are transporting that person to the jail. This policeman has got the situation under control. Because of his pickup truck, there is no cover in the back, so he has put the criminal down and has got gun on his head so he doesn’t get up and create any drama for the civilians to watch.

17. Lady Nobody

Google caught a lady sitting on top of a car under the shade of a tree. She is dressed up sexy so we’ll assume she is waiting for her date, but we wonder why couldn’t she wait inside the house because it looks like a sunny day which can ruin her makeup. She also doesn’t look very young that we assume she is going on date without letting her parents know.

woman sitting on car waiting

18. Pervert Spotted

Google eye caught a pervert grabbing a woman’s butt in the middle of the day on a busy road. This man sure has some guts no? The woman has turned around and it looks like she is saying something, we bet she must be yelling at this man for doing such an inappropriate thing, we also hope she took her sandal off and beat this pervert with it.

pervert grabbing woman's butt

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